The 21st Devizes Beer Festival was held on Saturday 4th July.
11.30am until 10pm at Devizes Wharf.

Beer Festival

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Tickets will available from our usual outlets, and also online. For more information go to our tickets page.


Festival Entry

Why are you doing this?

We fully use the site, and more people that we are happy with could make the site unsafe, and adversly affect our neighbours. We cannot allow this, and so have a duty to control numbers.

What happens if I turn up without a ticket?

We often have some tickets that we resell for people who find that some of their party can not attend. If you attend the festival, and drink an alcaholic drink without a ticket you will be asked to leave.

I only drink wine

Wine will be availble from the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust. Please support them.

Do children need a ticket?

No. We welcome many children to the festival. Soft drinks and ice cream will be available from the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust.

Can I bring my own drink

No. We will be strictly limiting drinking on site to alacholic drinks sold either by ourselves, or the Kennet and Avon canal trust, and only to those wearing a festival wristband.

Do designated drivers need a ticket?

No. We welcome all non drinkers to the festival. However they will be asked to leave if we see them drinking alcaholic drinks, and they will not be served at the bar.

How will you enforce this?

This year there will be an increased level of security at the festival. They will be undertaking a bag checks at each of the entry points, and walking around the festival site. Anyone seen drinking alcaholic drink not from the festival will be asked to leave.

For many years people have attended the festival without buying a ticket, and for many years we have turned a blind eye to this. Some of those people have come with friends with tickets, some as a group with no tickets and a slab of cans. From 2018 we had to change this. 

We restrict access to ticket holders only, and non drinkers attending with non-ticket holders (e.g. Designated Drivers). Anyone drinking alcoholic drinks without without a festival wrist band will be drinking alcohol in a licensed area without permission, and will be asked to leave. 

There will be a bag check at each of the entry points to the site.


If people continue in coming to Devizes Beer Festival without a ticket they are threatening the future of the festival. This could mean forcing us to move to a new venue, or possibly cancel the festival altogether. All of us in Devizes CAMRA consider the home Devizes Beer Festival to be the Wharf. However the festival has to be safe.