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Beer Festival

The 23rd Devizes Beer & Cider Festival will be held on


Saturday 13th July 2024

11.30am until 10pm at Devizes Wharf


We will have around 100 real ales and ciders.

The beer festival takes over Devizes wharf, with a marquee on the car park for the beer and cider, and plenty of outdoor space. Please note that the marquee is not big enough for everyone to sit inside, and we may limit what is allowed inside the marquee for safety.

During the day there will be live music on our stage. 

Food will be available from the Devizes Rotary Club food court. Please support them as the money they make goes to good causes. However you are welcome to bring your own food onto the site.

If you have any questions please use the chat button below, or ask on the festival Facebook page.


Festival Entry

We restrict access to adult ticket holders only. We will also allow access to the site for non drinking adults, such as Designated Drivers or Care Support, who are necessarily attending with a ticket holder. 

Children, under 18 years old, are welcome onto the site and do not require a ticket, they must at all times be accompanied by a ticket holder.


No alcoholic drink may be brought onto the site. There will be a bag check at each of the entry points to the site.


Anyone drinking alcoholic drinks without without a festival wrist band will be drinking alcohol in a licensed area without permission, and will be asked to leave. 

For many years people have attended the festival without buying a ticket, and for many years we have turned a blind eye to this. Some of those people have come with friends with tickets, some as a group with no tickets and a slab of cans, unfortunately this had to change as the numbers started to impact on the safety of the festival.

Please do not attend without a ticket as it will threatening the future of the festival. This could mean forcing us to move to a new venue, or possibly cancel the festival altogether. All of us in Devizes CAMRA consider the home Devizes Beer Festival to be the Wharf. However the festival has to be safe.

  • Can I bring my own drink
    No. We will be strictly limiting drinking on site to alcoholic drinks sold either by ourselves, or the Kennet and Avon canal trust, and only to those wearing a festival wristband. Security will conduct bag checks at the entry points to the site, and undertake random patrols of the site. Anyone see drinking their own alcoholic drinks will be asked to leave.
  • What happens if I turn up without a ticket?
    If there are tickets available then they will remain on sale online. Occasionally we will have people who arrive with a spare ticket. We aim to help those with a spare ticket sell it to those in need
  • I only drink wine
    Wine will be availble from the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust. Please support them. You will not be permitted to bring your own alcoholic drink onto the site.
  • Do children need a ticket?
    No. We welcome many children to the festival. Soft drinks and ice cream will be available from the Kennet and Avon Canal Trust.
  • Do designated drivers need a ticket?
    No. We welcome all non drinkers to the festival. However they will be asked to leave if we see them drinking alcaholic drinks, and they will not be served at the bar.
  • How will entry be controlled
    Security will be present at each of the entry points onto the site. They will check that you have a ticket, and will be undertaking a bag checks to ensure you are not bringing alcohol onto the site.
  • What if I have lost my ticket
    We should be able to find your ticket on the online system. We will need to be confident that you are entitled to that ticket before we permit entry.
  • My ticket has not arrived
    As with all things electronic please give it a few minutes for the email to arrive. If it has still not arrived please contact us and we can check what has happened
  • I think something went wrong with my order
    Please let us have as much information as you can. We can then check on the system and see what has happened. We would rather you contacted us first, rather then accidentally place a second order.
  • How will I receive my ticket
    The ticket will be sent to the email address you enter when you buy the ticket
  • I paid and it took me back to the start.
    Your tickets should soon be in your email inbox. If they haven't arrived after a few hours please contact us using the chat button
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