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Devizes Beer Festival would not be what it is without some music for you to listen to. As always we have a range of music for you throughout the day.

Devizes Town Band


"How else could we open Devizes Beer & Cider festival..?"

Devizes Town Band carries on a strong tradition of local musicianship, the band has built a great reputation, over many years of public performance.


Concrete Prairie

"Borrowing from the genres of Folk, Country, Indie, Americana & Blues to make our heartworn racket"


United by a love of all things Folk, Alt-Country & Americana, Concrete Prairie are a five-piece ensemble delivering a veritable soundtrack for the glamour and grit of modern living.

While their compositions tackle themes such as mental well-being, loss and hardships, the songs are shot through with hope, evidenced by a spirited and rousing sound orchestrated with twanging guitars, straining fiddle and yearning prose.


Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective


"like the classic touring bands of the 70s: almost a travelling circus"

Settled into the current super-tight line-up after hundreds of shows the band is on fire, playing their own style of Americana at festivals & venues including a couple of rapturous nights at London's legendary 100 Club, their ethos is always to have fun and make sure the crowd does too. This is not a band that stands onstage staring at their (red) shoes.

They’ve shared line-ups with likes of Wilko Johnson, The Blockheads, The Darkness, The Pretty Things, The Quireboys, Dr Feelgood, the Yardbirds, Eddi Reeder & the Animals to name a few.

Jamie is a prolific writer of accessible songs; songs good enough to hold their own in a solo acoustic setting, which really light up when the band add their own brand of energy & musicianship to the arrangements.


Plan of Action


Plan of Action are a 4 piece Wiltshire rock band who formed in 2017. Derived from the old well known band 'El Nino' they have gathered pace to become one of Wiltshire’s most popular bands, packing venues everywhere! Playing a variety of songs from the likes of AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and Fleetwood Mac through to Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and Foo Fighters, you'll be sure there is something for everyone!


Knati P


Reggae chill and laid back handpicked reggae tunes from Knati P. With more years of playing records and running sounds systems than we dare mention….you can be assured a wealth of popular reggae picks and some quality laid back material you may not have heard of! 

After a day of beer and bustle, this will the chance to chill…….

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